Tales Yet to Come

Kakita Kenichi

Returning to Crane Lands, Kenichi eventually attains the rank of Kenshinzen and becomes the head sensei of the Dojo of the Straight Edge, the new name for the Kakita Dueling Academy. He is joined in training the next generation of duelists by Kakita Amiko and the pair ensure that the Crane maintain their reputation as the best duelists in the Empire.


Having saved the Emperor’s life during the Battle for Toshi Ranbo, Takahara joins the Seppun family and becomes the Imperial Yojimbo. In this duty, Takahara excels, and he soon becomes a respected member of the Imperial courts.

In secret, Takahara is actually Bayushi Ichizo, having survived his supposed death twice, the second time at the cost of his twin brother’s life. As the sole surviving member of the Spider’s Fangs, Ichizo inherits Shosuro Hido’s criminal empire and uses his position in the Imperial Court to ensure his operations can continue without magistrate interference.

About a month after the battle, reports reach Takahara of a humanoid oni killing people in Scorpion Lands. The oni wears a mask reminiscent to that Takahara wore as Ichizo and he realises that this is the oni his name was given to. He arranges for his criminal network to keep track of its movements in case it becomes a threat to his current position but takes no direct action against it.

Hida Kengo

With Kengo’s death, the investigations into his murder of Bayushi Tenburo end. Kitsuki Sakata, the Emerald Magistrate responsible for the investigation, decides to investigate the Scorpion Clan, suspecting that Kengo had been manipulated by Tenburo into killing him. Over the next few years, Sakata helps many samurai to see through Scorpion ploys, preventing others from making similar mistakes.

Soshi Satomi

Satomi’s husband, Soshi Hisoka, travels to the Imperial Capital to collect her belongings. Returning to Scorpion lands he finds his home has been destroyed in his absence, and the handmaiden assigned to look after his children dead. Fortunately his and Satomi’s son still lives, but the daughter Satomi had with Moto Yoshi is missing. The local kami are unable to provide information on what happened that day and Hisoka is eventually forced to give up the search for the missing child.

Mirumoto Kane

With Kane’s death, Togashi Imasu announces that the Thunder Mountain Dojo will be renamed the Dojo of the Sun’s Chosen in his honour. Over the next few years, Imasu is informed of children, all orphans, who have mysteriously gained a magical tattoo representing the Jade Dragon. He extends invitations for them to join the Dragon Clan and be trained in the techniques of the ise zumi.

Tales Yet to Come

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