Forgotten Shrine

The group accompanied three members of the Brotherhood of Shinsei to a shrine deep in the Wall Above the Ocean Mountains. There they were reunited with Toritaka Yamamiya who had worked out the source of his family curse. If he could build and consecrate a shrine to the kami of the mountain the curse would be lifted. The group managed to appease the mountain spirit and destroyed a group of goblins that attempted to sabotage the shrine. One of the monks attacked and killed his colleague over crimes committed during the War of Bleeding Flowers forcing Togashi Kane and Isawa Satomi to attempt the consecration themselves. The strain proved too much for Satomi, and the mountain kami destroyed the shrine, killing the peasant labourers at the site.

Locations Visited
Mura Sabishii Toshi
Higashiyama Mura

Important NPCs
Toritaka Yamamiya

Important Events
• Yamamiya survived the wrath of the mountain kami and returned to Crab lands in the hope of raising further funds. Whether the Crab Clan will allow him to attempt this again after the loss of life remains to be seen.

Unexpected Find

In preparation for the Imperial Heir’s grand tour of the Empire later this year, the group journeyed to Hisatu-Kesu to help Otomo Shikishi and Asako Taroemon investigate recent bandit attacks in the region. Togashi Kane managed to infiltrate the bandit’s base and recovered information proving that the bandits were being sponsored by Ide Matsura, a local Unicorn land owner, to attack Lion merchants passing through the region.

Locations Visited
Lonely Horse Village

Important NPCs
Otomo Sukishi
Asako Taroemon
Shinjo Hoshie
Ide Matsura
Ikoma Mara

Important Events
• The group encountered Kagekaze at the Traveler’s Hope Inn and Bayushi Ichixo and Kakita Kenichi realised they were in the presence of one of the most formidable swordsmen in the Empire.
• Kenichi has called in a favour owed with Otomo Sukishi and has requested he help negotiate a suitable marriage into an Imperial family.

Corrupt Officials

The group accompanied Akodo Torokai to Toshi Aitate in to conduct an investigation into Bayushi Honmitsu, the local Magistrate. Evidence was discovered indicating that Honmitsu was blocking investigations into the activities of the Broken Songbird gang and had received payments to turn a blind eye. The group were able to obtain testimony from key individuals to convict Honmitsu, but he took his own life before he could be arrested.

Realising that the corruption likely spread all the way to Governor Kisai, Torokai instructed the group to investigate the crimes Honmitsu had covered up. They were successful in convicting two of the Songbird’s oyabun but their investigation came to an abrupt end when Kagekaze arrived, seeking a duel with Torokai over the death of Bayushi Morotai two years earlier. Kakita Kenichi was able to convince Kagekaze he had been lied to but was unable to prevent him from killing Torokai. Kagekaze returned to his employer, Governor Kisai, and killed him for hiring him on false pretences

Locations Visited
Toshi Aitate

Important NPCs
Akodo Torokai
Bayushi Akira
Bayushi Honmitsu
Bayushi Kisai

Important Events
• The group learned of a new drug being sold called Crimson Flower. The drug causes violent reactions from those unable to get their next hit. The drug was being sold by the Smiling Tigers, a gang recently arrived in Toshi Aitate.
• The group were joined by Yasuki Daichi who Akodo Torokai had recruited to help search through Honmitsu’s financial records. Subsequent to the group providing their reports to the Emerald Champion, Daichi has joined the group as an Emerald Magistrate

Legacy of My Ancestors

The group arrived at Broken Wave City for the Festival of Fire and Thunder. During the festivities, a number of Mantis samurai died under mysterious circumstances. Invited to a meal by Moshi Kuriko, the group were attacked by Thranish revenants seeking Kuriko’s death. Kuriko revealed that her ancestor had been part of a group that betrayed the Thrane eighty years ago, and the revenants were now killing anyone related to them. With the help of Daniel Hatcherman, the group were able to convince Yoritomo Getsubara to command Yoritomo Asaba, the descendant of the person responsible for the betrayal, to sacrifice himself to save the inhabitants of Broken Wave City.

Locations Visited
Broken Wave City (Off the coast of Shiro Shiba)

Important NPCs
Daniel Hatcherman
Moshi Kuriko
Yoritomo Asaba
Yoritomo Getsubara

Important Events
• Yasuki Daichi overheard a conversation between a phoenix samurai and two mantis samurai. They were arranging for a delivery of something called “Red Flower”. The group speculated this may be related to the Crimson Flower drug they encountered in Toshi Aitate but were unable to question the samurai further due to the revenant’s attack.

Grave of Heroes

Returning to Hisatu-Kesu, the group joined up with the Imperial Tour to provide added security and familiarity of the lands being travelled. While staying at Crater Village, Toturi Chisa went missing, resulting in a frantic search by all present. The group accompanied Toturi Hatsu and Toturi Kobashi to a cave their sister had requested to visit earlier that day and found Chisa held captive by a pack of Tsuno. The two princes sacrificed their lives to allow the group to escape with their sister.

Locations Visited
Crater Village

Important NPCs
Hida Buso
Ide Jhapuul
Kakita Amiko
Miya Hanzu
Suzume Kizu
Toturi Chisa
Toturi Hatsu
Toturi Kobashi

Important Events
• Togashi Kane questioned Chisa about how she came to be in the cave with the Tsuno. While she could not recall all the details, she did remember a man wearing a large straw hat kidnapping her. Kane recognised the description given as that of “Kageko,” the person who had orchestrated the death of Daidoji Hayashi a few years previously
• Kakita Amiko arrived in Hisatu-Kesu shortly before the Imperial tour, resulting in a tense confrontation between her and Kakita Kenichi. After Kenichi stepped in to prevent Amiko from killing a peasant for committing a breach of etiquette, Amiko challenged Kenichi to a duel. The death of the Emperor’s sons meant that the duel has been postponed until a later time
• During the journey through Seikitsu Pass, Kenichi noticed that the two princes seemed quite interested in Togashi Kane and took every opportunity to ask about his history. The reason for their interest was not determined before their untimely death
• The group were able to recover the decapitated bodies of the princes, but the Tsuno had taken both their heads and their katanas as trophies

Voice of the Emperor

The group met with the Emperor and explained the circumstances that led to the death of his two eldest sons. At the Emperor’s request, the group then accompanied the Imperial family back to Toshi Ranbo. As the group neared the Imperial City they were attacked by a group of sohei monks seeking Miya Shikan’s death and the Tsuno Ravager who killed the Emperor’s sons.

Locations Visited
Toshi no Aida Ni Kawa

Important NPCs
Toturi XII
Toturi Chisa
Miya Shikan
Miya Hanzu
Doji Keitomaru

Important Events
• Yasuki Daichi overheard a conversation between Miya Shikan and Miya Hanzu. Hanzu confirmed that “It has happened as you asked.” Daichi was unable to confirm what Hanzu had arranged to happen but speculated he may have had something to do with the Toturi heir’s deaths.
• Miya Shikan survived the attack on his life, but Isawa Satomi, who was next to Shikan throughout the fight, clearly saw Shikan being stabbed several times. After the fight he appeared barely wounded
• Despite attacking the group previously, the sohei monks helped in the fight against the Tsuno when it became apparent the Emperor may be attacked.
• Miya Shikan, having noticed Togashi Kane asked Kakita Kenichi a number of questions about his background. He has requested that Kenichi continue to keep an eye on him and report any new information that is learned
• The Emperor seemed annoyed with the presence of Kane and refused to allow him to join the rest of the group at dinner. Later, the Emperor confronted Kane saying “How dare you come here to mock me at this time. You’ve wasted the opportunities I gave you with your cavorting.” Shortly afterwards the Emperor left, as if realising he had made a mistake.

The Imperial Funeral

• The Emperor’s eldest children, Hatsu and Kobashi, were sent to the Heavens atop a sacred funeral pyre. The daimyo of the Great Clans and Imperial Families were in attendance to pay their respects.
• Miya Shikan announced that the Emperor has decreed that his eldest daughter, Toturi Yukihime, would marry next year. The clans all petitioned the Emperor on why they should receive this boon. In the end it was the Crane Clan who were chosen, and Yukihime will marry Daidoji Kowaru next winter.
• Shikan also announced that the Emperor was seeking a clan to train his youngest son, Toturi Kobe. It was the Crab Clan that succeeded in putting forward the strongest case, but many fear for Kobe’s safety so close to the Shadowlands
• Mirumoto Jinzaki, the Mirumoto daimyo, announced that he would soon be retiring. As he has no heirs of his own, his replacement will be determined by a tournament. To allow candidates suitable time to prepare, the tournament will be held in two years time

Test of Purity

Having received a vision of impending doom for the Empire, the Emperor requests the samurai of Rokugan to provide their interpretations. The group realise that the vision refers to the Emperor’s father, Toturi XI and his son, Toturi Gendo. Setting out to find the pair, the group cross the Empire, meeting the Oracle of Water and finding the legendary Shrine of Shinsei. The group succeeded in meeting Toturi XI at the shrine and returned his words of wisdom to the Emperor

Locations Visited
Kyuden Komori
The Shrine of Shinsei
Toshi Ranbo

Important NPCs
Miya Shikan
Toturi Gendo (Heki)
Toturi XI (Eichi)
Toturi XII

Important Events
• Toturi Gendo appeared physically debilitated by the visions he has seen. While being questioned on the whereabouts of his grandfather, Gendo began scribbling the kanji for “Love”, “Mother”, “Child”, “Betrayal”, “Secret” and “Hate”
• The group encountered more members of the Sons of Destiny, who were attempting to steal the knowledge they had taken from the Shrine. One of the Sons had even managed to infiltrate the Crab temple at Koten, indicating how far reaching this group has spread
• The group were able to ask the Oracle of Water a number of questions about the problems they currently face. Togashi Kane decided to keep his question secret and waited until the others had left before asking it.
• During the ascent to the Shrine of Shinsei, the group undertook a number of tests. The elemental keepers there asked the group a number of questions. Of interest was the question asked to Isawa Satomi about her encounter with Shinjo Akujin during the Unicorn Winter maneuvers. The keeper described Akujin as a creature but what he meant by this was not determined.

Winter Court: Kyuden Miya

• Due to the death of his eldest sons, the Emperor does not attend Winter Court this year. Instead, Miya Shikan hosts delegates from each of the clans at Kyuden Miya
• There were rumours that the Dragon Clan raided Badger lands during the summer. To achieve these raids, the Dragon Clan would have had to pass though Unicorn Lands, but no Unicorn Samurai provided testimony to confirm this took place. With no testimony, the matter has been dropped, much to the disappointment of the Lion Clan who had wanted the Dragon punished for disobeying Shikan’s decree.
• In response to the death of the Toturi Heirs, both the Unicorn and Phoenix clans have petitioned to expand the jurisdiction of their magistrates and Inquisitors to cover the entire Empire. While there are persuasive arguments for expanding both these organisations, Shikan sides with the Phoenix. Those present speculated that Shikan believes the Unicorn helped the Dragon attack the Badger Clan, and rejected their proposal because of this
• The extreme weather this summer has left many clans struggling to feed their people. Miya Shikan proclaimed that this year his blessing would be in the form of food from the Imperial stores. The Scorpion and Mantis Clans, together with the Otomo family, were able to manipulate the courts to prevent any of the food being given to the Lion and Crab Clans, instead funnelling the majority of it to their allies in the Dragon and Unicorn clans. They also sought to use this leverage in an attempt to get the Phoenix Clan to end their alliance with the Lion Clan.
• The Crane Clan, who have always had the most fertile fields, used their surplus rice to negotiate non-aggression pacts with the Crab and Lion Clans. The Crab even provided a public apology for the death of Daidoji Hayashi in their lands in 1501. The Lion Clan provide half of their Crane food to the Phoenix Clan, further strengthening their alliance.
• The Crab Clan have “politely” requested that the Phoenix and Scorpion Clans back out of their agreement to help the Hare Clan form a shugenja school. The Crab feel that the Hare should have come to them alone for aid.
• There were rumours that the Scorpion Clan had petitioned for the reinstatement of the Imperial Advisor position, with the Otomo being given the role. Miya Shikan blocked this petition but the Scorpion have vowed to attempt again in next year’s court.
• In honour of the Toturi dynasty, Miya Shikan announced that the Emperor’s revered ancestor, Toturi VI “The Pious”, would be elevated to the Fortune of Peace

The Emperor’s Vision

Heaven’s favor lost
Corruption devours one-eye’s heirs
Death’s stench universal

Eldest’s precious wisdom
Returned from another life
A gift beyond price

Wisdom’s hidden lair
The vision of a descendent
Piercing the enigma

Tangled words deceive
The gifts of Tengoku
Dragon’s holy wisdom

Three Sins’ throne
Reigns triumphant, darkness eternal
The sun sets on Rokugan
Hope is a spark

Questions asked to the Oracle of Water
Q: What has Shinjo Kotoku been replaced by?
A: Shinjo Kotoku is no more. A corrupted soul centuries old, and recently returned, now wears his face.

Q: What are Miya Shikan’s plans for the Empire?
A: Shikan wants the Empire to be at peace and that this peace lasts for centuries to come

Q: How does Miya Shikan intend to bring peace to the Empire that will last for centuries?
A: There are those who would lead the Empire by the sword, and those who would take a more peaceful route. By removing the first, his vision of the Empire will come to pass.

Togashi Kane asked a question of the Oracle, but the nature of the question is only known to him at this time


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