Otomo Komaji’s duties brought the group to Friendly Traveller Village where an investigation into the local daimyo’s business practices was underway. While the group enjoyed the hospitality of the local daimyo, Yasuki Fumi, a group of warriors from a forgotten village deep in the Uebe Marsh snuck into town and began killing any Crane Clan samurai they could find. The group soon learned of these attacks and drove the attackers away, but not before Daidoji Hayashi, the Daidoji family daimyo had been killed together with several other prominent members of the town. The group tracked the attacked back to their village and learned that the attacked had been arranged by someone called Kageko who claimed to be a messenger from the village’s founder. He had specifically asked that they kill Hayashi but no one was able to confirm why.

Locations Visited
Friendly Traveller Village

Important NPCs
Daidoji Hayashi
Hida Masato
Otomo Komaji
The Candyman
Yasuki Fumi

Important Events
• One of the victims of the attack was a merchant named Uromasa. In Uromasa’s house, a compartment was discovered beneath a tatami mat that contained a number of scrolls written in a Crane cipher together with a selection of “ninja” weapons. Despite some members of the group claiming knowledge of a secret group of Crane warriors called The Harriers, Kakita Kenichi was adamant that such a group never existed
• Whilst enjoying the sites of the local coast, Togashi Kane discovered a talisman washed up on the shore. Investigation into its origins determined that it was the Talisman of Yume-Do, an artefact able to improve the clarity of the wearer’s dreams

Unquiet Graves

The group travelled to Aichi-Mura to provide security for a go match between Kamato and Kakita Fujimura. They once again encountered Toritaka Yamamiya, who was searching for the house of Hida Hiroku in hope of learning more about the curse on his family. The group learned that Hiroku and his friend, Moto Tetsuo, had given their lives to imprison a Dark Moto and they reappear every 11 years to repeat the ritual of binding. Yamamiya accidentally disrupted the ritual, freeing the Dark Moto and a number of oni to attack the village. The group were able to defeat the oni but the dark moto escaped to learn more of the world. Yamamiya managed to learn that the source of the curse lay somewhere in the Wall Above the Ocean Mountains.

Locations Visited
Aichi-Mura, a small village north of Otosan Uchi

Important NPCs
Hida Hiroku
Kakita Fujimura
Moto Tetsuo
Toritaka Yamamiya

Important Events
• In the aftermath of the oni attack, the group were able to contact Hida Hiroku who confirmed that the Dark Moto’s name was Moto Yoshi and he posed a great threat to the future of the Empire

Way of Death

With the Tournament of the Sapphire Magistrate only days away, the group arrived in Toshi Ranbo. There they discovered the handiwork of a serial killer who skinned his victims and carved the kanji for desire into their flesh. With the help of Akodo Torokai, the group were able to speak with people who had spoken to the most recent victim, a Crane courtier called Doji Aijutso. Investigations pointed towards Matsu Yabu, a Lion courtier who had been seen talking to all of the victims just before their deaths. After a Scorpion courtier called Bayushi Morotai failed to arrive at court, the group were able to track Yabu to a warehouse where he was carrying out his crimes. The group caught Yabu red handed and he surrendered, but not before killing Morotai.

Locations Visited
Toshi Ranbo

Important NPCs
Akodo Torokai
Bayushi Morotai
Matsu Fujumoto
Matsu Yabu
Sven Oldarsson

Important Events
• As part of their investigation into the recent murders, the group met with the Thranish Ambassador to the Empire, Sven Oldarsson. Hida Kengo showed great interest in Thranish customs, particularly their unusual weaponry
• Shortly after ending with Matsu Yabu’s crimes, the group took part in a tournament to determine who would become the next Sapphire Magistrate. This turned into a highly political affair that caused some tension amongst the group. In the end it was Kakita Kenichi who secured the Sapphire Magistrate position. Due to their impressive performances, the remaining members of the group were recommended to Kitsuki Jiro, the Emerald Champion, for inclusion in his Emerald Magistrates

Bloom of the White Orchid

The group visited the Shrine of the Ki-Rin to take part in the Phoenix Setsuban Festival. Isawa Satomi joined competitors from the other great clans in an attempt to win the Tournament of the White Orchid. Togashi Kane and Hida Kengo visited the nearby ruins of Gisu Castle and encountered the angry ghost of Isawa Miko. They learned that Miko had been tipped to win the previous tournament but had disappeared before the final, allowing Agasha Koji to win by default. It turned out that Koji had killed Miko, jealous of her magical prowess and, afterwards, had committed suicide from the guilt. Isawa Satomi allowed Miko to possess her and win the tournament, avenging her death.

Locations Visited
Shrine of the Ki-Rin

Important NPCs
Agasha Hiroji
Agasha Kimo
Asako Heishi
Isawa Akima
Isawa Hitomi
Isawa Miko
Isawa Moroto
Isawa Tsutakito
Moshi Hinata
Otomo Hiroshi
Shiba Sakkiko
Tamori Ryuko

Important Events
• Kakita Kenichi met Moshi Hinata, the daughter of the Moshi daimyo at the tournament and, after learning that her parents are seeking a suitable spouse, decided to ask his parents to cash in political favours and put his name forward.
• During the tournament, Isawa Satomi and Isawa Tsutakito were both attacked by Chigitsu. Attacked while she was sleeping, Satomi managed to call on an impressively strong air kami to injure Chigitsu, saving her from what looked to be certain death. Satomi was disappointed to find out that Kakita Kenichi was aware of Chigitsu’s presence at the tournament but neglected to inform her.

City of Lies

The group accompanied Otomo Komaji to Ryoko Owari to help him audit the local Emerald Magistrate, Kakita Makito. It became apparent that Makito was involved in a number of criminal activities and was receiving large sums of money from the local criminal gang, The Glorious Fools. Togashi Kane noticed that, as well as the genuine evidence collected, there was significant amounts of planted evidence as well, indicating that elements within the local Scorpion families wished Makito to be found out. After confronting Makito with the evidence, Komaji and the group set out for Toshi Ranbo. On the way they were attacked by Makito’s ronin enforcers attempting to stop Komaji reporting his findings. The group were able to dispatch the ronin and arrived safely.

Locations Visited
Ryoko Owari

Important NPCs
Kakita Makito
Maeda Oroko
Otomo Komaji

Important Events
• During the battle with Makito’s enforcers, Bayushi Ichizo noticed Maeda Oroko amongst their number. Oroko revealed that their liason two years previous had resulted in her giving birth to a child. Ichizo allowed Oroko to escape to raise their child. Kakita Kenichi overheard the conversation and knows of Ichizo’s illegitimate child but has chosen not to reveal he is aware of this fact
• An obsidian tanto was found on the body of Gendo, Makito’s chief yoriki. Unable to determine its true owner, Komaji gave the tanto to Kenichi to reward his work in uncovering Makito’s corruption.
• Kitsuki Tanako, sensei of the Jotoman Shinrai dojo was murdered during the magistrates time in Toshi Ranbo. Suspicion initially fell on Daidoji Tokiru, the last person to visit Tanako, but subsequent investigations discovered that a servant of a visiting Badger samurai was responsible

Stolen Relics

The group accompanied Kaiu Sumata, a Crab Clan relic hunter, to the East Hub Village in search of Renkai’s Helm. The group learned that Sumata’s sponsor, Akodo Gintaku, wished the helm returned to the Dragon Clan after it was originally lost during the 12th Century. The group confronted the helm’s current owner, a tainted Crab bushi named Teiju, who had been using the powers of the Taint to give himself inhuman strength and had killed a number of local townsfolk. Shortly after defeating Teiju and reclaiming the helm, the group were attacked by a group of sohei monks The group narrowly survived the fight but were unable to question their attackers, all of which killed themselves rather than be captured alive

Locations Visited
West Hub Village
Otosan Uchi
East Hub Village

Important NPCs
Kaiu Sumata
Kasuga Chokaru
Yotsu Araki

Important Events
• Suspecting that Kasuga Chokaru, the magistrate of East Hub Village, was corrupt, Kakita Kenichi arranged for appropriate investigations into his working practices to take place at a later date
• During the fight Kaiu Sumata was knocked unconscious by the madman Teiju. To the horror of the group, Teiju ripped Sumata’s arm off, leaving only a bloody stump behind. Fortunately, the group were able to prevent Sumata bleeding to death.
• The sohei who attacked the group specifically asked the group to hand over both the helm and Kaiu Sumata. Togashi Kane noticed their outfits were emblazoned with a mon similar to that used by the now defunct Spider Clan

Winter Court: Kyuden Asako

• Each year, the Miya family awards its blessing to that Clan which is most in need of charity and aid from the Son of Heaven. Thankfully, this year the Empire has been spared any famines, floods, plagues, or other tragedies. Therefore, Emperor Toturi XII announced he would seek the guidance of the Clans on where the Blessing should be awarded. After much debate and political maneuvering, it was decided that the Mantis Clan should receive the blessing and Miya Shikan will spend the winter in Kyuden Gotei
• The Dragon Clan have sent courtiers to Kyuden Gotei to petition Miya Shikan for the right to go to war with the Badger Clan. The dispute stems from an incident earlier this year where a servant of a Badger Clan samurai admitted to killing Kitsuki Tanako, sensei of the Jotoman Shinrai Dojo in Ryoko Owari. Miya Shikan rejected the Dragon Clan’s proposal.
• The Hare Clan have petitioned for help from the Great Clans to create a shugenja school in their lands. The Crab, Scorpion and Phoenix have all offered their support


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