Treacherous Terrain

Having completed their pilgrimage to the shrines of Bushido, the apprentice magistrates agreed to accompany Asako Ryoko, an apprentice Phoenix Clan Inquisitor, to Pale Oak Castle. Along the way they were hounded by Tonbo Ukiya, an obsessed suitor of Ryoko’s and Toru, a bloodspeaker seeking revenge for Ryoko’s uncle, Asako Kato, purging his cult.

Locations Visited
The Village of the Reinstated Hero
Toi Koku
Pale Oak Castle

Important NPCs
Asako Kato
Asako Ryoko
Hitomi Fuguki
Kakita Umasu
Tonbo Ukiya

Important Events
• One of the scrolls given to Ryoko for delivery to Pale Oak Castle disappeared during the journey. Suspicion fell on Kakita Umasu who had left the group shortly after the bloodspeaker attack. The missing scroll detailed Asako Kato’s investigations in Scorpion lands

Writ of Justice

Assigned to Akodo Torokai, an Emerald Magistrate, the group visited North Hub Village to help Otomo Sojin recover his kidnapped son. By manipulating a local yakuza gang and hiring local ronin as muscle, the group were able to safely recover Sojin’s son before he had to pay the ransom.

Locations Visited
Dragon’s Guard City
North Hub Village

Important NPCs
Akodo Torokai
Boss Ajira
Boss Chutokire
Otomo Kokare
Otomo Sojin
Shosuro Adoka

Important Events
• When the group arrived in North Hub Village, they found it controlled by the Red Fox yakuza gang. When it transpired that the Red Fox gang were holding Otomo Kokare, the group manipulated a rival gang, the Smiling Tigers, into causing a distraction, allowing Kokare’s rescue. Following this incident, Torokai organises an official raid on the Red Fox gang that results in their annihilation.

Tears of a Fox’s Heart

The group accompanied Akodo Torokai to the wedding of Matsu (Ikeda) Akimitsu to Otomo Hisayo. It soon became apparent that various people were being influenced by the spirit of Akimitsu’s previous love, a kitsune spirit. The group managed to prevent the kitsune possessing Hisayo and the wedding occurred as planned

Locations Visited
Shiro Matsu

Important NPCs
Akodo Torokai
Kitsu Mokuna
Kitsune Chizu
Kitsune Mara
Matsu (Ikeda) Akimitsu
Matsu Nimoro
Mirumoto Hideo
Otomo Hisayo

Important Events
• Matsu Nimoro explained to the group that Matsu Chigitsu, one of the contenders at the Topaz Championship, had shamed the clan by refusing to seppuku after failing his gempukku. Instead, he had turned to the life of a ronin and had sworn a blood feud on the Isawa family. Nimoro also confirmed that, prior to joining the Lion Clan, Chigitsu had been a ronin, but he was not certain which clan he belonged to.
• In reward of his impressive storytelling skills, Togashi Kane was awarded a finely crafted lantern which, when lit, would protect the house from evil spirits.
• Mirumoto Hideo, a cocky samurai from the Dragon Clan, challenged Kakita Kenichi to a duel, hoping to best the Topaz Champion. Kenichi managed to win, despite Hideo’s advanced training.

Wrath of the Kami / Unrequited Love

The group visited the Shrine of Osano Wo, site of the Emerald Championship. There they encountered Toritaka Yamamiya, a Crab Clan samurai who was cursed with bad luck. Summoning Osano Wo, with the help of Kgjrt (a zokujin) and use of a suitable gift (a severed troll’s head), the group determined that Yamamiya was the subject of an ancient curse and arranged for him to use the Shrine’s library after the tournament was concluded. As the tournament came to a close, and Kitsuki Jiro was appointed the new Emerald Champion, the group became involved in a power play between three maidens seeking to marry Doji Sarutomo. Eventually Kitsuki Akane managed to outmanoeuvre her rivals and was announced as Sarutomo’s future wife.

Locations Visited
Shinden Osano-Wo

Important NPCs
Akodo Soto
Daidoji Yukiko
Doji Sarutomo
Hida Osano-Wo
Ikoma Kurai
Kitsuki Akane
Kitsuki Jiro
Matsu Nimoro
Miya Shikan
Moto Temujin
O-Doji Koneko
Shosuro Chizuri
Shosuro Sora
Toritaka Yamamiya
Toturi XII
Yogo Amasare

Important Events
• Bayushi Ichizo impressed Yogo Amasare with his knowledge of Otaku Komoko and her actions that lead to the defeat of the Dark Moto. Amasare immortalised Ichizo’s words in his next play

Devoured by the Sea

Assigned to Otomo Komaji, an Imperial Tax Assessor, the group travelled to the Mantis Isles. Their journey was plagued by multiple groups of pirates (although one group appeared to be Mantis Clan sailors in disguise) and, if not for the timely arrival of Yoritomo Koba and his Wave Riders, the group would have been overwhelmed.

Locations Visited
Otosan Uchi
Kyuden Gotei

Important NPCs
Daidoji Bukare
Daidoji (Hiramichi) Gosai
Otomo Komaji
Toturi Hizatoru
Yogo Tanamasu
Yoritomo Koba

Important Events
• In a private meeting with Yogo Tanamasu, Bayushi Ichizo was asked to deliver a message to Shosuro Kikate, the Scorpion Clan ambassador on the Mantis Isles. The contents of the letter are unknown
• Hida Kengo sensed a connection between himself and one of the Orochi accompanying the Mantis Clan Wave Riders. Legend has it that some members of the Crab Clan can form bonds with these spirit creatures through their connection to Osano-Wo, the Fortune of Fire and Thunder
• During the Imperial Funeral in 1503, Kakita Kenichi realised that one of the Wave Riders that saved the group was actually Toturi Hizatoru, one of the Emperor’s sons.


While Otomo Komaji continued collecting taxes around the Empire, the group crossed paths with Toritaka Yamamiya once again. Once again, his luck had failed him, and he had been accused of killing a local monk, Hana, and the peasant family with him. It was soon discovered that the Hana was still alive and had been taken by practitioners of Maho. The cult was eventually tracked to a cave outside the city and the group succeeded in saving Hana’s life. Isawa Satomi aided Yamamiya to find information on his cursed ancestor.

Locations Visited

Important NPCs
Hana (Asako Kimachi)
Shiba Gyuji

Important Events
• The group’s research into Yamamiya’s ancestor, Toritaka Tonozaka, turned up a collection of documents detailing a fictional account of the Second Day of Thunder. Tonozaka had replaced the names of the Seven Thunders with those of his friends.


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