Kakita Kenichi

Kakita duelist, former Topaz Champion, Sapphire Magistrate.


Stamina: 3
Willpower: 3

Strength: 3
Perception: 3

Void: 4

Agility: 4
Intelligence: 4

Reflexes: 4
Awareness: 4


Etiquette: 3
Iaijutsu: 7 (Focus)
Kenjutsu: 4
Kyujutsu: 1
Sincerity: 3
Tea Ceremony: 2
Defence: 2

Lore: History 1
Lore: Bushido 3
Meditation: 3
Lore: Law 3
Courtier: 3
Horsemanship: 1
Battle: 3 (Mass Combat)
Jiujutsu: 2
Investigation: 3
Athletics: 2
Hunting: 1
Games – Go: 1
Knives: 3
Medicine: 3
Peform – Storytelling: 1
Instruction (Kakita School): 3


Breath of Wind Style (Air 3)
Strength of the Crane (Air 3)


Kharmic Tie: 1 (Togashi Kane)
Sacred Weapon (Kakita Blade)
Soul of Artistry (Artisan)
Wealthy: 1


Failure of Bushido (Courtesy)
Missing Eye


Kenichi is the son of a duellist and courtier. His father was a duellist of reasonable, but not remarkable, skill but was unable to progress very far within the Crane courts due to the superior skills of his peers. His mother is a minor courtier whose stock has never risen much beyond small courts and functions.

Kenichi’s parents decided that their son would bring glory to the Crane and raise the stock of his family. Since a young age Kenichi was pushed to be the best duellist he could be, it was a long and hard childhood. Fortunately for Kenichi he had enough talent to progress through the Kakita academy and finally win the Topaz Championship during his genpukku ceremony.

Kenichi has been well schooled in courtly behaviour but struggles to contain his arrogance amongst those he considers his inferiors. The proud samurai won the position of Sapphire Magistrate in fierce competition with the other members of his group. Togashi Kane provided some study help with the exam but Kenichi’s talents in artistry, story telling and combat enabled him to win through overall.

Kenichi’s thoughts on the other magistrates he has worked with (in haiku form):

Togashi Kane, “The placid dragon. Mountain dwelling truth seeker. A shirtless weirdo.”

Isawa Satomi, “Blossoms in the Spring. Honour slides into darkness. Moody bird woman.”

Hida Kengo, “The long winter wanes. The snow melts like fading love. You are a bell-end.”

Bayushi Ichizo, “The scorching desert. A scorpion’s favourite home. Send them all back there.”

The End:

In later years many young samurai would ask Kakita Kenichi what it was like to live through the many events and wars that filled his career as a Sapphire Magistrate. Kenichi would display a very brief flicker of emotion before pointing to his eye-patch and replying, “eventful”.

A story:

At the beginning of Winter, an old man was walking home from his final work in the fields. He was walking in the snow, and he stumbled upon a scorpion frozen in the ice. He took that scorpion, and he brought it home, and he took care of it, and he thawed it out, and he nursed it back to health. And as soon as that scorpion was well enough, it stung the old man. And as the old man lay there dying he asked the scorpion, ‘Why? I took care of you. I loved you. I saved your life.’ And that scorpion looked that man right in the eye and said, ‘You stupid old man. I’m a scorpion.’

“Sometimes it’s what you don’t do that makes you who you are.”

“I’m a man of great discipline; my obsession is competition.”

“Doubt ruins everything. Take a foundation, no matter how strong, sprinkle generously with doubt, and watch it crumble.”

“Do you know what it’s like going through life better than everybody? It’s hard.”

“If a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.”

Duelling Notes:

Opposed Assessment rolls (Iaijutsu/Awareness) – If you beat your opponent by 10 points, regardless of success, you get the 1k1 Focus bonus. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUCCEED IN THE ACTUAL ASSESSMENT ROLL!

In theory –

Round One (Assessment) – Iaijutsu 7 + Awareness 4 = 11k4 (reduced to 10k4)

This is an opposed roll as well as TN of 10 + Opponent’s Rank x5 (beating opponent’s roll by 10 confers bonus 2k2 for next round due to skill mastery)

Round Two (Focus)

Iaijutsu 7 + Void 4 + Centre bonus 2k2 + Void rating 4 + School Rank 5 + Free raise for skill rank 5 = 10k7+14

Assessment bonus 2k2 takes it to 10k9+14

Iaijutsu 7 (free raise for skill mastery)
Void 4
Centre Bonus 2k2 + Void Rank 4 + School Rank 5 = 2k2+9
Focus Bonus 2k2 (if earned in previous round)
15k7+5+9 converts to a whopping


Round Three (Strike) – Iaijutsu 7 + Reflexes 4 + raises based on how many gained in Round Two = 10k4 + (up to 4 extra rolled dice = 10k6 at most)

DAMAGE ROLL: Centre bonus 1k1 can be used on damage for a roll of 8k3 + 4 (void) = 8k3+4 (reroll possible due to Kakita Blade ability) 9k4+4 if Void spent on katana damage

Strength 3k0
Kakita blade 4k2
Bonus 1k0 for skill mastery
Total 8k2

Centre bonus 1k1 + Void 4

Total Damage = 9k4+4 (with Void expenditure)

Kakita Kenichi

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