Soshi Satomi



Isaw Shugenja
Rank 3
Insight 175


Reflexes : 3
Awareness : 3

Agility : 3
Intellignece : 3

Void : 3

Strength : 3
Perception : 3

Stamina : 3
Willpower : 3


Caligraphy 1 (Cipher)
Lore : Theology 1
Lore : Law 1
Lore: History 1
Lore : Spirit Realms
Medicine 2 (Wound Healing)
Meditation 1
Spellcraft 3
Ettiquette 2
Horseriding 1
Defence 1
Kyujutsu 1
Kenjutsu 1
Coutier 2
Sincerity 1
Investigation 1
Athletics 1
Games : Go 1
Stealth 1

Affinity Air
Isawa Gift
Elemental Blessing (Air)
Friend of the Elements (Air)

Scrolls from the White Lotus Competition (+1 Caligraphy, spellcraft, Lore Shugenja)

Low Pain Threshold
Soft Hearted
Sworn Enemy (Matsu Chigistsu)


  • - Spell memorised

Tempest of Air (1)*
Way of Deception (1)
Call upon the Wind (2)
Essence of Air (3)
The Eye shall not see (3)
Bentens Touch (2)

Armour of Earth (1)
Jade Strike (1)
Jurojins Balm (1)
Courage of the 7 Thunders (1)
Minor Binding (1)

Fires of Purity (1)
Mental Quickness (2)
Extinguish (1)
Tale of the Fire dragon (2)

Path to inner peace (1) *
Reversal of Fortune (1)
Reflections of Pan Ku (1)
Clarity of Purpose (1)
Reflective Pool (2)




Isawa Satomi comes from a long line of Isawa Shugenja, both her parents were Shugenja and as expected Satomi – blessed by the Air Kami – in due course recieved Shugenja training. She has inherited her parents respect for life and generally abhores violence against people.

Her ancestor the great flamboyant Shugenja Isawa Tamagochi (also famed for keeping lots of small animals) is dissaponted by the lack of influence that the Phoenix clan has and believes that by impressing people with the power and might of Phoenix Shugenja the clan will achieve the repect it deserves. This manifests in him extolling Satomi to impress people as much as possible, whether this be by acts of unexpected prowess (winning a kenjustsu fight), tales of greatness (yes i can burrow underground ) or deeds than win glory.

Private Thoughts:

Bayushi Ichizo :
For the first Scorpion i have met he is pleasant. Has a way with words and some knowledge of medicine. I am finding Ichizo good company.

Big Dumb Crab :

Well hes big and a drunkard. and violent. shows little remorse for the acts of kiling another human. There is much to dislike. but he also fights well against the Shadowland creatures and hes Crab so some leeway must be given. I can think of few i’d rather have beside me when it gets violent as it regretably so often does. I fear he may one day understand one of the insults from Kenichi and get himself killed in a duel, or indeed just kill the Crane.

Kakita Kenichi :

Cultured, handsome, a man of honour, and an ass. He should show more respect to those of lesser station to himself. An excellent duelist and he would be my ideal Yojimbo if he wasn’t so full of himself. Still he appreciates the finer aspects of life and is a mediocre painter although improving. For all his faults a true Samurai and usually pleasurable company.

Togashi Kane :

The monk, a pleasure to know whilst has a few odd habits such as sleeping outside is the most like myself in views. I must ensure that he does not become reliant upon help from the Kami’s that i converse with. His knowledge outshines mine but my destiny is shaped by the wind not as a sage. Whilst he is afforded considerable tolerance as a monk i should be prepared to help if he oversteps the mark and offends someone of importance. My status as Shugenja shold be sufficent.

Satomi is bitterly dissapointed not to have become the Saphire Magistrate. Perhaps winning the Shugenja tourament will make up for it. She wonders if one of her companions will be able to help.

The Shugenja tournament had been most interesting and near fatal experience. Firstly the Crab managed to awaken an avenging spirit. I had to intervene to lay her murdered spirit to rest.

Chigitsu the Ronin, Lion, Ronin who hates the Isawa for some unvoiced reason tried to murder me in my sleep. The kami helped me to defend myself and with some healing from the Elemental Masters i was able to continue in the tournament. Kenichi seemed to be aware that Chigistsu might be at the tournament but the magistrate negleted to mention this. Dissapointing.

I had tea with Ichizo on the second night of the tournament, Kenichi seemed somewhat scornful, and went off looking for female company. Perhaps he was jealous that he was not invited to tea. Later Ichizo confided that one of the other contestants being loose tounged had divulged the spell she was to cast the next day. This proved helpful as i was able to cast the spell before her and i progressed to the last day. A more able Shugenja would have coped, so my progression was merited.

I allowed the avenging spirit to posses me for a short while, so she could win the tournament in her own mind and be free to pass into the next cycle. An honourable and risky path chosen by me, but it was successful for i won the tournament and the spirit was rested.

Togashi Kane has developed a slight air of dissaproval towards me. I don’t think he likes Ichizo very much and perhaps is letting this upset his balance. I will see what i can do to maintain unity in this small group for as long as we must work together.

My desire to win the competition was almost overwhelming. Now that i have my elation is somewhat tempered by the realisation that i may not have acted quite as honourably as i could. Still this must be measured against the dissapointment i would have felt if i had not won. Intriging. Kenichi is a competitor, maybe i will talk with him over tea one night.

My balance has been shattered. A distastful affair with A Unicorn and a constant girly sniping from the other magistrates, jealous probably of my succes at thw White Orchid Competition. Perhaps this is why my sleep has not been as settled as it once was. The Crab virtually accused me of being a cheat, fool who does not appreciate the risks i took to rest that spirit.
I must try to centre myself. Last month a Dragon possessed Lion girl ran amok in a village. I did good work healing the injured and had the village blessed by the Kami. They will need all the help they can get. The girl sequestered herself in a Dragon Monastory. The Lion were displeased and blamed us for this. Perhaps they should take more interest in their own children and not blame others for their failures. My sympathies lie with the wrecked village.

A return from my wanderings

Finally after almost a year i am re united with my fellow magistrates, however it was not a happy occassion unfortunately. a brought gifts which were all well recieved even by the crab who suprisingly remembered his manners. We spent winter court at a Go competition, a little tedious and none of the magistrtaes did very well. Kenichi’s wife to be was there but grew bored of the confinement and dissapeared. Kenichi was understandably distraught and we searched for her. The snows and blizzard were harsh but the air kami guided us to the unfortunates body, she had been killed by a Snow Tiger. Ichizo bravely tracked and baited the Tiger into attacking whereby it was killed by the other magistrates. Ichizo was almost killed by the Tiger such was its ferosity. A sad winter.

I tried, by my honour i tried, yet i failed, by my honour i failed. What is honour worth? I hear the wind, does it have honour? It just is.

Soshi Satomi

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