Bayushi Ichizo


Air: 4

Reflexes: 4

Awareness: 4

Earth: 3

Stamina: 3

Willpower: 3

Fire: 4

Agility: 4

Intelligence: 4

Water: 3

Strength: 3

Perception: 3

Void: 3




Courtier : 4 (Gossip, Manipulation)

Defense : 1

Etiquette : 3

Iaijutsu : 3

Kenjutsu : 4 (Katana)

Sincerity : 2

Acting : 3


Artisan: Ikebana : 1

Athletics : 2

Battle : 2

Calligraphy : 2

Games:Go : 1

Horsemanship : 1

Hunting : 2

Investigation : 3 (Notice)

Jiujutsu : 1

Knives : 2

Kyujutsu : 2

Lore:Heraldry : 1

Lore:History : 1

Lore:Law : 1

Lore:Underworld : 3

Medicine : 2

Meditation : 2

Stealth : 4


Ichizo is the younger of twin brothers and as part of such an auspicious birth, it is expected that he will be a strong asset to his clan.

Both of his parents noticed certain traits that they thought could be enhanced with the correct training. His magistrate father saw in his son his own eye for detail and inquisitive mind, whereas his Shosuro born mother saw his relaxed nature in social situations and the ease with which he could find out the latest gossip from the Scorpion courts.

He was accepted into the Bayushi school, but with his natural talent for underhanded tactics, he was moved to the tutelage of Shosuro Kaori who saw in him a kindred spirit. As he was taught, they became close friends, and they remained in contact despite his posting as a magistrate in training

After his time spent in training, Ichizo advanced to the rank of Emerald Magistrate. Despite the occasional mistrust shown to him by certain members of the group he is part of, Ichizo has continued to serve both the Empire and the wishes f his clan.

In 1502, Ichizo was married to Hanagensai Chihiro. She is the 3rd daughter of Hanagensai Shirotaka, daimyo of the Doji vassal family, which has further strengthened the bonds between the Scorpion and the Hanagensai family. Despite the political origins of the marriage, Ichizo and Chihiro have found a kindred spirit in each other, and 1503 saw the birth of their first son, Ren.

Group Thoughts

Hida Kengo – It's hard to get an opinion of someone who spends as much time on a wall as a Dragon spends on a fence. He seems competent enough, for a Crab, but further observation is required.

Kakita Kenichi – A truly honourable samurai, which is both his shield and his constraint. If he showed slightly more moral flexibility he could possibly reach his true potential, until that day, his honour will only work against him.

Togashi Kane – He may be the wisest member of our group, but it can be hard to find wisdom in his words when it is hidden so well by the nonsensical ramblings so common of those of his order.

Isawa Satomi – The only member of the group to have accepted me for what I have done and can do, rather than what is expected of a Scorpion. I can only hope that her positive outlook will spread to the other members of the group.

Bayushi Ichizo

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